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Miss Pat's Cats Adoption FAQs

Q: How do I know what cats are available for adoption?

Miss Pat's Cats constantly has new cats coming in and other cats being adopted. You can check out any available cats on Petfinder.

Miss Pat's Cats

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I go about adopting?

Miss Pat's Cats has an adoption process. You can fill out this Google Form. Once your response is received your application will be placed into review. It will be reviewed by our team and you will hear back from someone once your application is approved.

Q: How much do the cats cost?

Cats or kittens adopted from Miss Pat's Cats come fully vetted, spayed/neutered, and tested.

    Single cats are $225.

    Bonded Pairs are $400.

Cats that are listed on Petfinder as two (i.e. Emily and Harris or Harris and Emily) are considered to be bonded pairs and must be adopted together. 

Q: What happens if the cat we want to adopt doesn't fit in with my existing pet(s)/family?

Miss Pat's Cats offers a 30 day foster-to-adopt option for all cats/kittens. We want to ensure that our cats and your family are happy. Please reach out to in order to speak to someone about your situation and see if this program would be a good fit for you and your family. All foster to adopt applications are to be filled out using the adoption application.

Q: If I rent/lease what do I need to provide to be approved for an adoption?

If you rent/lease you will need proof of permission of pets. When you fill out the adoption application there is a question in which it allows you to upload your lease/letter of written consent. We ask that all leases/letters of written consent be uploaded as a PDF and either notarized or on letterhead of management. We ask this to ensure that our kitties will not only be welcomed into your home but also into your community.

Q: How can I go about meeting the cat(s) before I adopt?

We are back to in person adoptions at the West Orange Petco Sundays from 4-7pm. You can always stop by and check out the available cats and fill out an application on site. However, if you fill out an application before hand you only have to deal with picking out your kitty.  Once you are approved for an adoption, someone from the admin team or the foster family will reach out to you to schedule an adoption appointment. Cats are always available to see in the Verona, Teterboro and West Orange Petcos. You can go and visit them at any time the Petcos are open, no appointment is needed.

Q: Who can fill out the application?

We ask that the applicant name is the owner of the home/name on the lease/rental agreement.

Q: What is Petco Love Lost?

Miss Pat's Cats partners with Petco Love Lost to make reuniting lost pets easier and free using image recognition technology to search a national database.

Click here to search now!

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