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Glad Dogs Nation Fundraiser

Get unique toys and more for your pets and MISS PAT’S
CATS receives 20% of your total purchase!

Glad Dogs Nation loves kitties, too! Their adorable handcrafted pet
toys start out as unwanted kid stuffed toys. They sanitize them with
biodegradable detergent and replace anything hazardous with super
cute touches. Volunteers hand sew the belly with a colorful
spay/neuter stitch!

They offer their cat toys with and without organic cat nip and/or
noisemakers. Dog toys are available with or without squeakers and
with or without stuffing. And the prices are below what you’d pay
anywhere else.

Most important of all is that they spread the gladness by donating
100% of their profits
to Glad Dogs Foundation which funds
initiatives to stem pet overpopulation and support innovative
animal causes for dogs and cats nationwide. 

Now they are donating 20% of every purchase at to MISS PAT’S CATS when you use
tracking code MISSPAT at checkout.

Start shopping at!

We also have a wishlist which can be viewed here

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